We are insurance adjusters. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, changed the face of claims handling by insurance carriers. It was at that time that we recognized that if there is proper documentation of your loss, your claim will be settled faster.

With proper documentation at a time of need, stress and concern of settlement is an after thought. This is true whether your loss is from a hurricane, tornado, wind event , flood, fire or burglary. The insurance company wants to pay what is fair, but due to abuse, documentation is the only way to prove your loss.

While, as homeowners, we all know the need to do this, yet we do not. We either do not have the time, desire or tools to accomplish this very important aspect of our home and our protection. Even people that have been through one of these events, rarely do so after the event is over. There is also the lack of desire to pay attention to this aspect of the process because rebuilding your home and life take precedence.

Why not allow us the opportunity to show you just how vital proper documentation is? We will demonstrate how effective this aspect is in putting your life and your house back into order while providing you the peace of mind.
Why have insurance if you do not use it to protect you from life's mishaps?
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